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An audit is a frustrating and lengthy process unless you have a qualified tax professional in Hayward, CA, representing you. If the IRS is knocking down your door or you’re faced with an official inquisition about your financial filings, look to Menjivar & Company CPAs, Inc. for assistance. Our qualified CPAs can represent you in tax court during and after an IRS audit. Make sure you’re covered by a tax expert when it matters most!

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Any number of things can trigger an audit of your taxes. Going through an audit can be invasive and time-consuming, which is why it helps to have proper IRS audit representation in Hayward, CA. When you’re informed of an audit, contact Menjivar & Company CPAs, Inc. right away.

We’re dedicated to our clients and will do what it takes to see you through to the end of an inquisition. We’ve represented all different types of clients in audits with the IRS, FTB, and EDD. Regardless of the nature of the auditor what findings come of it, we’ll represent your best interests and pursue the most amicable outcome on your behalf.

Understanding Your Penalties

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If your audit ends in penalties, fines, or fees, we’ll help you understand them. Rather than just being saddled with an owed tax bill, our tax professional in Hayward, CA, will break down the reason for your penalty and help you to plan for it in upcoming filings or financial situations. We aim to get you through the process quickly, back to solid, stable ground. Give us a call today.

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Our specialists will help you understand if your audit ends in penalties, fines, or fees, and we break down the reason for your penalty

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